Children's set

7.097 kr

A lovely soft and good baby gift set consisting of a hat and mittens. The set is hand knitted from soft merino wool yarn. The shape of the hat is extremely good, so it sits well on the baby's head, and the mittens are high so they don't easily fall off small hands.

Icelandic design and production.

The set is delivered in a beautiful gift box, which is also an Icelandic product.

A quality gift that is fun to give.

*When I was designing the rope hats, I thought it was very important to consider that they were warm, soft and good. That the fit of the hat would be such that it would suit the child in every way, so that the child would be comfortable with it. Also, it was very important to me that the hat didn't go over the eyes or it would blow into the little ears. Same with the mittens, I thought it was important to have them high up so they wouldn't easily fall off little hands and the mittens fit well under or over the sleeves of the sweater so the baby doesn't get cold. I only choose good quality yarn so it holds up well, so the hat and mittens will be useful for a long time. The sets are hand-knitted in Iceland by me, so I thought it was ideal that the sets were all given Icelandic names that would be related to Icelandic nature. It's also nice to say that I support Icelandic production and buy the boxes that the sets are sold in here in Iceland, so this is an ideal Icelandic warm gift to give to a little one and thereby support Icelandic design and production!
- Heidrún N.