2.254 kr

Rumish non-alcoholic 350 ml

One of the most awarded non-alcoholic "sprouts" on the market today.

Rumish is the perfect go-to product when you want a drink but want to skip the alcohol. In this drink you get a taste that is remarkably similar to spiced rum and it is recommended to mix in cocktails like Mojito or Moscow Mule.

  • Alcohol-free (<0.5%)
  • Sugar free
  • Very few calories (6 kcal / 100ml)
  • Vegan
  • Natural ingredients
  • Won numerous awards


  • Gold star winner 2020 (International Taste Institute)
  • Gold medal winner 2019 (International Food Contest)
  • Best New Product 2018 (Natural & Organic Scandinavia)

How is the product made?

Rumish is made from natural ingredients such as vanilla from Madagascar, nutmeg and baked apples. To get that good spiced rum taste, the drink is made like a classic rum and to achieve this spicy taste like the alcohol gives, a little heat from chili seeds is added.

Why <0.5% alcohol?

The process of getting the perfect flavor out of these ingredients sometimes requires a dash of alcohol in the drink. That's why Rumish is measured at <0.5% alcohol. For reference, orange juice often has 0.3%-0.4% alcohol.

It is perfectly safe to enjoy the drink during pregnancy as well as for those who follow an alcohol-free lifestyle.