BIRNA - Icelandic fleece

23.379 kr


Light, comfortable and extremely wearable hand-knitted fleece sweater from Icelandic fleece.

When designing a sweater, the main goal was to design a stylish and delicate sweater that would fit as many occasions as possible, so that it would be used as much as possible all year round. The sweater is cool with jeans every day, it can be dressed up if that's the occasion, it's great for a walk or a mountain hike alone or under it because it's light and agile, it fits in the dishes, in the camping and would push the mood at the outdoor festival.

Icelandic design and production

*The fleece sweaters are designed by me and hand-knitted in Iceland by me and the knitters of HN Gallery. I use the sheet fleece for my sweaters, because I find it lighter and more comfortable. I want the sweaters so that I can move easily and can also wear them inside under a jacket if it's really cold outside. I have used my fleece sweaters a lot and I am proud and happy with them...and I hope you will be too!

...and they are named after the woman who is so dear to me - dear Mom.

- Heidrún N.