4.758 kr

Quality hand-knitted cable hat made of soft merino wool. The hat is warm, soft and holds well. It has a genuine tassel that can be snapped off and then the hat can be washed on a wool wash in a washing machine.

No hat has the same tassel because each tassel is unique.

Icelandic design and production.

*When I was designing the rope hats, I thought it was very important to consider that they were warm, soft and good. That the fit of the hat would be such that it would suit the child in every way, so that the child would be comfortable with it. Also, it was very important to me that the hat didn't go over the eyes or it would blow into the little ears. I only choose quality yarn so that it holds up well and thus the hat also so that it can be used well and for a long time. The hats are hand-knitted in Iceland by me and the HN Gallery knitters, so I thought it would be ideal that they all get Icelandic names that would be related to Icelandic nature.
- Heidrún N.